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What Happens Next

We will use the information entered on this form to screen our lenders to see if you pre-qualify. If you pre-qualify you will be sent to an application.

On the application page, if you choose to apply, your application is sent to our network of payday lenders, one of the largest in the country. We partner with RoundSky and T3 Leads to manage our lender network. These two networks are the same networks used by the vast majority of payday loan matching sites on the internet.

We ping our network and if a lender accepts your application you will be sent to that specific lender's website. Once you leave our site we have no control over a lender's policies so make sure you understand the site's terms. In addition, you are responsible for reviewing all loan terms such as rates, fees and renewal policy before accepting a loan so review them carefully. If you accept the loan, cash is deposited into your checking account usually within one business day.

This is a Payday Loan

This cash must be repaid and is designed for short-term, emergency funding. Repayment plus fees is generally due in full at your next pay period. Please review your terms carefully before accepting any loan.

Rates and Fees

APR and fees vary and are disclosed by your lender once your are approved. Example loan costs from our network range from $7-$45 per $100 borroweed and is due your next pay period. APR's may range from 100% to 900%.

Non-payment and Collections

Non-payment and collection policies depend on your the lender and should be disclosed in your loan agreement. In general, when you accept the loan agreement you are agreeing to repay the loan plus fees. Failure to pay the loan on time results in additional fees. Some payday companies are known to repeatedly attempt withdrawal from your checking account. This can greatly increase costs as your bank will also charge overdraft fees.

Credit Score

Applying for a payday loan and paying it off on time does not impact your credit score but failure to repay your loan may hurt your credit score. This is because payday loan companies do not report to credit bureaus but most collection agengies do.

Loan Renewal

Loan renewal policies depend on your specific lender and are disclosed in your loan agreement. In some cases loan renewals may be automatic which means you will incur additional fees. To avoid automatic renewal you oftern must notify the lender 3 days advance. Repaying your loan on-time avoids additional fees. Make sure you read and understand your loan terms.

Payday Loans are Expensive

Remember payday loans are a very expensive form of short term borrowing. They should be used to cover infrequent emergency expenses. They are best used when other options such as banks, credit unions, friends, and family have been exhausted. For other ideas see Borrow Money Options

The Payday Hound

The Payday Hound is NOT a financial institution or a lender. We are a marketing service that matches prospective borrowers with prospective lenders. We cannot guarantee final approval of your loan and not all loan companies will approve a loan up to $1,000. Final approval for a cash loan depends on many factors including, but not limited to, income levels, the state in which you reside and employment status. The data you enter on the application may be verified with independent data sources including, but not limited to, CLVerify, Teletrack, or Accurint. By entering your SSN into the website, you consent to allow us to share your SSN with outside service providers. By clicking the Find a Loan or Apply buttons in the above application you certify that you are at least 18 years old, a legal resident of the United States and agree to the privacy policy. Residents of Georgia, Virginia, West Virginia, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Ohio, or other states where this application process is prohibited are not eligible to apply for a cash advance or other loan product using the above application or this matching service.