About The Payday Hound

Who are we?

The Payday Hound is run by only two of us. We are not a big organization. We started The Payday Hound because we wanted to make a difference and to learn how to code.

Alison's background is in online advertising and in personal finance. Her goal is to increase consumer education in financial products so that consumers can make better and more informed decisions about their money.

Con Way's background is in consumer banking and online advertising. His focus is on designing consumer products leveraging data analytics to improve products and marketing. He helped build one of the first ad networks and has created other businesses including, Xerpi, a cloud bookmarking service. Currently, he invests in startups in data analytics, online marketing, and financial services.

We have done all the research, coding, design, and self-fund the site. Although we are fully responsible for the opinions expressed in this site, we receive a lot of help from our friends. Thank you!