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Articles for Payday Loans

Save money and make prudent decisions. Our articles and analysis aim to provide fact-based analysis to make it easier to understand borrowing, fees, rates, and payments. Our articles can help you make informed financial decisions to protect yourself and save money. Get the facts so you can make a decision that's best for your situation.

Learn How Payday Loans Work

Updated December 02, 2014 - Installment LoansPayday Loans

Payday loans are designed to meet short-term, emergency cash needs. They were created to get cash into a borrower’s hands as quickly as possible. The application process is streamlined with minimal documentation. The loan is due for repayment on the next payday.

Payday loans are not a good choice for longer term borrowing needs. Rolling over or renewing payday loans

The Payday Hound Official Launch

Updated September 18, 2014 - Hound NewsPayday Loans

The Payday Hound officially launched today! See the formal press release here.

We are excited for the launch of The Payday Hound. The online payday loan industry is growing even as traditional brick and mortar payday lending begins to slow down.

Payday loans are a double edged sword.

Payday Direct Lenders Vs. Matching Services

Updated September 18, 2014 - Payday Loans

There are two ways you can borrow a payday loan online: one is through a payday direct lender and the other is through a matching service.

What Is the Difference Between Payday Direct Lenders and Matching Services?

The key difference is that payday direct lenders are responsible for underwriting, funding, and servicing your payday loan whereas payday loan matching services