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Speedy Cash

4 Rating
The Payday Hound Rating
  • State licensed lender. Pricing shown is based on TX rates.
  • Pricing appears high. They have store fronts
  • State Lic. Based in Kansas. Since 1997
NOTE: We are not affiliated with nor endorsed by Speedy Cash. We are an independent review site that is 100% free to you.
Speedy Cash Review
Speedy Cash States
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Estimated Costs
$1,539 / 610% apr
$750, bi-weekly, 12 payment loan
See Speedy Cash for actual rates.
Speedy Cash Features
$1,000 Maximum First Loan
Phone contact
Live chat
Spanish application
Privacy policy
HTTPS (SHA-2) encrypted
State licensed lender
BBB Accreditation
Great Sniff Score
A+ BBB Score
0 BBB issues unresponded
4 BBB all issues

Speedy Cash is a state licensed lender with physical storefronts, phone, and online services. They offer payday loans, installment loans, and title loans. The Payday Hound prefers state license lenders as they generally have additional compliance and regulatory state oversight.

Speedy Cash's website provides detailed information on loan terms, fees and rates. The information is broken down by state and product. We like the transparency provided by Speedy Cash's website.

Speedy Cash has multiple options to get your cash:

  1. Opt+ Prepaid Card -- Instant
  2. In Store Pick Up -- Immediately Available
  3. Electronic Funds Transfer -- Generally 1 Business Day

The Opt+ Prepaid Card appears to be a Speedy Cash product. It is exclusively offered by Speedy Cash and is issued by Axciom Bank and works wherever VISA is excepted. There is a $5.95 Monthly fee with the Opt+ card but it is waived if monthly deposits total $1500+. Cash withdrawals and uploads are free if done at a Speedy Cash store. If you are able to make $1500/mth in deposits onto this card then this may be a good choice. Otherwise $5.95 a month in fees quickly ads up. If you live near a Speedy Cash store the instant pick up is very convenient. Finally, if you are applying online the electronic funds transfer is typical of most online lenders.

Speedy Cash also buys gold. Payday loans and installment loans can be very expensive so selling gold may be another option. Gold can be sold at specific Speedy Cash gold buying locations or via online. To sell gold you will need to provide basic personal information, a state issued ID, and how long you've owned the item. To sell gold online Speedy Cash will send a gold kit to help you mail your gold. Once it arrives at Speedy Cash the whole process is video taped and tracked to your account so you can watch them weigh and evaluate your gold. They will make you an offer. If you accept it you will receive cash. If you reject the offer they will return the gold to you free of charge. The Payday Hound is not experienced in the buying and selling of gold so we are unable to evaluate the relative merits of this service.

Speedy Cash is a licensed lender and has been operating in this space since 1997. They also operate in the United Kingdom and Canada in addition to the US. Their fees appear relatively competitive to other payday loan lenders but possibly higher when compared to lenders that base part of their decision on credit. We think if the price and product work for you they are a solid choice.

NOTE: We are not affiliated with nor endorsed by Speedy Cash. We are an independent review site that is 100% free to you.