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Idaho Payday Loan Laws

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Idaho Payday Loan Laws Details

The data provided here is for general informational purposes and should not be used as legal reference. If you have questions regarding Idaho payday loan laws contact the Idaho Department of Finance.

Payday loans are legal in Idaho (see Idaho Payday Loans or Idaho Installment Loans to compare fees and requirements for individual lenders).

Feature Specification
Amount (max) $1,000
Rates or Fees (max) Not Specified
Term Limitations Not Specified
General Loan Terms

In Idaho, three renewals are permitted. Nothing is mentioned about cooling periods between loans. Idaho has no requirements for extended repayment plans.

For example, in Idaho the rates and fees on a 14 day, $100 loan are:

Terms Amount
Loan Amount $100
APR No Limit
Sample Loan Terms

Idaho also defines regulations around collections. If available, the table below lists the fees lenders are permitted to charge if the loan is not repaid and/or whether a lender can threaten use of or use criminal action if a borrower is unable to repay a loan.

Feature Specification
Collection Fees $20 NSF fee
Criminal Action Prohibited
Regulations on Collections
Finally, a more detailed excerpt from Idaho's statutes on finance charges is listed below. In general the tables above summarize this.


Citation: Idaho Code Sections 28-46-401 et seq.