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Montana Payday Loan Laws

Montana Payday Loan Laws Details

The data provided here is for general informational purposes and should not be used as legal reference. If you have questions regarding Montana payday loan laws contact the Montana Division of Banking & Financial Institutions.

Payday loans are legal (low cost) in Montana (see Montana Payday Loans or Montana Installment Loans to compare fees and requirements for individual lenders).

Feature Specification
Amount (max) $300
Rates or Fees (max) 36% APR
Term Limitations Max: 31 days
General Loan Terms

Montana regulations mention nothing about rollovers. Nothing is mentioned about cooling periods between loans. Montana has no requirements for extended repayment plans.

For example, in Montana the rates and fees on a 14 day, $100 loan are:

Terms Amount
Loan Amount $100
Fees $1.39
Sample Loan Terms
Finally, a more detailed excerpt from Montana's statutes on finance charges is listed below. In general the tables above summarize this.

A licensee may not charge a fee for making or carrying each deferred deposit loan authorized by this part that exceeds 36 percent per annum, exclusive of the insufficient funds fees.

Citation: Mont. Code Ann. 31-1-701 et seq.