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READYdebit Visa Prepaid Card

Issuer: The Bancorp Bank    Credit: No Credit Check
  • No charge for ATM balance inquiries.
  • ATM Owner's may still charge fee.
  • One free customer service call a month.
Card Details
  • This card has a high monthly fee. They do not charge for ATM balance inquiries (although the owner of the ATM machine may still charge a fee) so if you need to check your balance at ATM a lot this card may end up being cheaper but in general we would not choose this card. If you need to check your balances we always suggest checking it online where it's usually free on any card.
  • Cash reloads are done at MoneyPak or at Visa Ready Link Locations.
  • Platinum cards have free live customer service
Card Fees
Activation Fee $9.95
Monthly Fee $9.95 w/ direct dep
$9.95 no direct dep
Call Center 1 free/mth then $2/each
 - Cash Reload Fee*** $4.95 /day
 - Direct Deposit Free (same as others)
***None of the cards we carry charge load fees but to get cash onto your card 3rd party networks may charge you fees. Some cards own networks, have bank branch access, or retail store access and reduce the fee's charged. We include the different variations of all these fees based on your usage.
 - Balance Inquiry $0.00 /inquiry
 - Out of Network $2.25 /withdrawal
 - In Network N/A
Transaction Fee (signature) $0.00 /transaction
Online Bill Pay Free
Online Acct Access Free
**Out of Network ATM owners charge an average fee of $2.50 fees in addition to the fees above. Cards with In Network ATM access waive this owner's charge (but may charge a card fee). We include the different variations of all these fees based on your usage.