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Secured Credit Cards

Secured credit cards can help build and repair credit. Secured cards do not require a good credit score and many secured card companies do not even check your credit report. Secured cards are great for students, ex-pats, and people rebuilding their credit.

Secured cards are real credit cards and their usage is reported to the three major bureaus. This means that unlike prepaid or debit cards, responsible usage of a secured card can build and improve your credit history. To get a secured card banks require a deposit that they hold as collateral for your credit card. This deposit is fully refundable when you close your account if you have paid off your account in full.

Secured cards are a great tool for people who need to build or rebuild their credit. The Payday Hound believes they are a great choice.

To learn more visit What is a Secured Card and The Best Secured Cards. Use our Secured Card Cost Calculator to the left to help you find a secured card.

We have reviewed 8 secured cards.

8 8.0 500.0 0.0
Est. Cost/Month
Company Name
Great card for USAA member ONLY.
Low APR and security deposit earns interest.
Choose between Mastercard or AMEX.
US Bank
Solid card. Security deposit earns interest.
Free credit score from Experian
Capital One
Great card with free credit monitoring.
Minimum deposit can vary depending on credit worthiness.
You credit limit may exceed your deposit.
First Progress
Competitively priced card with basic features
Not available in AK, IA, NY, WI.
Wells Fargo
Solid low priced card with high maximum credit limit
Customize the look of your card with personal designs for free.
First Premier
No frills secured card.
Can open security deposit with $25 deposit.
Secured card is issued once minimum deposit is reached.
Bank of America
Simple basic card.
Account can be opened at a branch.
You can open account at branch too..
Capital Bank
Basic secured card but has additional fees.
After first year $25 fee to increase or decrease deposit.
NO grace period.