First PREMIER® Bank Secured Credit Card

First Premier
Issuer: First Premier Bank    Credit: poor
  • No frills secured card.
  • Can open security deposit with $25 deposit.
  • Secured card is issued once minimum deposit is reached.
First PREMIER® Bank Secured Credit Card
Issuer: First Premier Bank
Network: MasterCard
Credit Rating: Poor
  • Build your credit card limit over time!
  • Security deposits are held in an FDIC-insured account
  • This is a genuine secured credit card - not a debit or prepaid card
  • No credit history required to apply for this credit card
  • Security Deposits can be made over time
Card Fees
Minimum Deposit: $200
Annual Fee $50.00
Monthly Fee $0.00
Purchase APR: 19.99% F
Cash APR: 19.90% F
Grace Period: 27 Days
Late Fee: Up to $35
Overlimit Fee:
Return Item Fee: Up to $35
Max Credit Limit:
V=Variable, F=Fixed