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Wells Fargo® Secured Card

Wells Fargo
Issuer: Wells Fargo Bank    Credit: poor
  • Solid low priced card with high maximum credit limit
  • Customize the look of your card with personal designs for free.
Wells Fargo® Secured Card
Issuer: Wells Fargo Bank
Network: Visa
Credit Rating: Poor
By using credit responsibly, including your Wells Fargo® Secured Card, you can go a long way in building strong and healthy credit.
  • Once you receive your new credit card, you can customize the design using the Wells Fargo Card Design Studio® service. Showcase what’s truly important to you, from snapshots of family and pets to photos of a favorite hobby.
  • Free access to online account. View charges, transfer funds, and more.
  • Easily track your expenses.My Spending Report and Budget Watch are built-in tools that help you see where your money is going and easily set up a budget.
  • Choose your monthly payment due date and also sign up for automatic or online payments.
  • Stay on top of your account activity with free email alerts when you approach your credit limit, a payment is due, and more.
  • Worry less with Zero Liability for promptly-reported unauthorized use. To help prevent fraud before it happens, the Wells Fargo® Secured Card also features automatic Fraud Monitoring and Early Warning Services.
  • Get fast credit card transaction alerts on your mobile device when you set up Wells Fargo® Rapid Alerts.
Card Fees
Minimum Deposit: $300
Annual Fee $25.00
Monthly Fee $0.00
Purchase APR: 18.99% V
Cash APR: 23.99% V
Grace Period: 25 Days
Late Fee: Up to $35.00
Overlimit Fee:
Return Item Fee: Up to $35.00
Max Credit Limit: $10,000
V=Variable, F=Fixed